The Northeast

The Northeast region of the United States has always been one of the centers of lacrosse competition on culture in the United States dating back to the sport’s roots in Native America. As the modern version of the sport began to popularize in the mid 1900s, colleges in the northeastern corner of the country climbed quicky to the top of the competitive ladder and remain there today. Lacrosse has become a popular sport at the high school level and below, as well, which offers traveling teams a broad age spectrum against which to compete. Helping make the Northeast an excellent lacrosse tour destination are the region’s rich history and the unending opportunities to experience learning and growth away from the field of play. From the first settlers through the American Revolution and up to modern day, there is no end to the places to go and things to see when your group is not competing against skilled, experienced opponents. On the field, United Lacrosse Academy will take your team(s) to well-run tournaments at world-class venues.

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